Program Pricing

* Program is 5 days a week

One year-old           $140.00 per week

Two-year-old          $135.00 per week

Three-year-old       $130.00 per week

***Effective August 5, 2019 program pricing will be a flat rate of $140 per week, per child. Also beginning August 5, 2019, CTK Learning and Growth Center will only be enrolling full-time one year olds and full-time two year olds. 

Supplies List

  • Diapers

  • Wipes

  • Any medications such as diaper cream or prescription medication

  • Sunscreen

  • Soft blanket and small nap buddy, if desired

  • Extra set of weather appropriate clothing

  • We go outside for outdoor play so be sure your child is dressed in appropriate clothes for the weather, i.e. coats, mittens, hats.

*Be sure all personal items are labeled with the child's name.

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Contact us:

Cherish Baldwin, Director of Christ the King Learning and Growth Center

1580 Kingsway Drive, Madisonville, KY 42431


Monday-Friday 6:30AM-6:00PM

Payment Information

All billing is electronically setup through the Bill and Pay website, If you have any questions regarding your billing statements or how to register for this service please contact the office manager at 270-821-8271.

 ***Failure to pay childcare fees, in full, by the end of each week, is cause to place that account on a “probation” status.  If there is a lapse in payment for child care services for more than two weeks, a child may be removed from the program.  The center must have two-week notice if you are planning to leave the program.  Families who leave the program owing a balance, (not paid in full), will be turned over for collection to an attorney for payment, plus court costs.

Registration Information

A registration packet must be completed. At the time a reserved spot becomes available a registration/supply fee of $50 must be paid. Once a child is enrolled in the Learning and Growth Center, this $50 per family registration/supply fee will be due annually on September 1st of that current year.

 Drop-In Services 

Daily Rate                 $30.00

(Must be paid upon drop-off of child, each day)

**Offered Monday - Friday 9AM-6PM
**Parents must call after 8:30AM to see if services are available for that day.

*Drop-in spots are ONLY available when a reserved spot becomes vacant due to a child's illness or absence for that day(s).

Financial Arrangements and Program Requirements

*Child's records, contact information and immunizations MUST be up to date for all services to be provided.

Welcome to Christ the King Learning and Growth Center

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Christ the King

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