Christ the King

Catholic Church

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Our Mission

Our Philosophy

Our goals as child care givers:

  • To help children give love and share their gifts from God
  • To help each child develop a strong self-concept and an emotionally positive attitude to insure he or she will continue to enjoy and be successful in school and in life
  • To provide cognitive developmentally appropriate activities to stimulate each child and keep learning exciting
  • To teach children the importance of being social, to respect others, and to function within a group
  • To provide physical activities that will help bodies to grow healthy

Our Goals

To nurture children in a Christian Environment.

Our philosophy as child care givers:

  • We foster growth for every child’s cognitive, emotional, physical, and social development
  • We respect the dignity of each child
  • We provide developmentally appropriate activities within a Christian environment
  • We foster independence to promote positive self-esteem and self-efficacy

Welcome to Christ the King Learning and Growth Center

Rev. Fr. Carl McCarthy, Pastor