Where should I go when I get here?

Find a parking spot and come on in! Just follow the smiling faces who will be glad to guide you into our parish. Our welcome ministers will meet you at the door and share a worship guide with you. They will let you know where our restrooms are, and will share information about our children’s program.


If there's something you need to know, just ask. We’re here to serve!

What can I expect at Mass?

We’re a Catholic church, so if you have ever been to Mass before you’ll recognize the liturgy and prayers. If you need help following along, the order of the Mass can be found in our bulletin, or in the grey section in the middle of our green Journey Song hymnal. When it comes to the homily, our messages are offered as a part of a series. We take a topic or theme and walk together through it for a few weeks. If you want to see what we are talking about right now, check out our current series.

What do you do for kids?

We love kids and want them to hear about God on their own level.


Our Kids programs are safe, age-appropriate environments where kids come together to enjoy a scripture lesson and small group time. 


Children 6 weeks through 2 years old will go Kids of the Kingdom, located in our Learning and Growth Center. Parents can drop off their children 15 minutes before Mass and pick them up after Mass.


Children 3 - 6 years old are dismissed prior to the Liturgy of the Word, and rejoin their families at the offertory time.


All other children come to Mass with their family.

What else do I need to know?

Everyone is welcome! Regardless of your beliefs or background, everyone who comes on our parish is an honored guest. We’re here for you. Don’t feel like you have to dress up. We want you to come as you are to Mass and believe that you will feel welcome. If you have any questions before your visit, call or email us!